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Yellow and Pink – Super Cute Barrettes!

Our friend An has started a crafty business of her own, making and selling adorable hair barrettes. They come in tons of different designs and colors, and would make a perfect gift for a little cutie. Go check out her site, Yellow and Pink. If the new baby is a girl, I’m going to for sure be getting her some of these, so she can be stylish right from birth 🙂 If not, I might have to just get some for myself!

The Little Miss Valentine barrette set is my favorite so far

The "Little Miss Valentine" barrette set is my favorite so far

One of An's very cute barrette models who has just enough hair to necessitate a hair clip. I love it! My mom used to tape bows onto my head when I was little, so this looks like a better and less painful idea!


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